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Why People Choose Matchmakers

Why People Choose Matchmakers

Too many methods, no results

Dating services have become ubiquitous in the 21st century. Singles are inundated with options, all promising to bring you another step closer to finding your perfect partner. From speed dating to endless hours spent exchanging emails before meeting for coffee, every service is claiming to be the sure way to love. And after countless attempts, many feel frustrated or even disheartened by the 21st century dating process.

Matchmaking is a more personalized and thoughtful means of meeting someone special, akin to the more tried and true method of meeting someone based on character reference. Before dating sites came into popularity, if people were connected, it was because either a family member or friend knew both individuals personally, and could speak to their attractiveness, personality and character. A matchmaker is like having a good friend who has your best interest in mind, and is always searching on your behalf. After getting to know you through our in-depth screening process, we examine our large database of prescreened clients, all of whom have met with a Murphy International matchmaker, to find the right match for you.

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Most busy professionals struggle to meet many new people outside of their office, industry or social circle. They don’t have the time or resources to meet other single, successful people. It is not unusual to turn to online dating sites, offering endless new profiles. However, combing through the countless profiles may feel like a full time job all on its own. And, as noted by many of our clients, they don’t have the time to go on a series of dates, only to feel like the other person has either misrepresented themselves, or is not the kind of person they are actually looking to meet.

A matchmaker takes the search out of your hands. We work on your behalf, selecting appropriate singles for you to meet. At Murphy International, we understand how valuable your time is. We introduce you to amazing singles with whom we feel you have the potential to form a lasting relationship.


Privacy is another issue commonly faced when dating in the 21st century. Technology has made almost everyone and everything available online. Murphy International understands that our clientele prefers to not have their personal information made public. When working with a Murphy International matchmaker, you never have to worry that colleagues and/or associates know the status of your dating life, or can describe the intricacies of what you are looking for in a mate. We take every precaution to ensure that all of your highly personal information remains strictly confidential. Your love life is your personal business, and we ensure that it stays that way.

You Keep Meeting Mr./Mrs. Wrong

So many singles consistently pick the wrong person. Maybe your learned patterns have you gravitating towards certain behaviors, or you tend to date within a few, specific circles. Either way, the results are the same: no long term compatibility. Matchmakers work to keep you from repeating the same mistakes. We take the time to get to know you, maintaining constant communication throughout the entire process. We understand what you want and need for a relationship to be successful. We go beyond the façade and get to know the personalities and desires of each couple we introduce.

High Standards

We are a highly selective and exclusive, premier matchmaking agency. Our clientele, although varied, is comprised of successful, dynamic and commitment minded individuals. We know you expect the best, and we only work with the best of what Los Angeles has to offer.

If you have decided to work with a matchmaker, it is important to ask questions before deciding on the appropriate agency. We welcome your questions and invite you to visit us at any of our convenient locations. In business for over 19 years, and rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, Murphy International is the premier matchmaking agency in Los Angeles.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Matchmaker:

How long has the agency been in business?
How many matchmakers does the agency have, and how long have they been working there?
How do the matchmakers get to know the clients?
How does the matching process work?
Who handles the matching?
Are there a set number of matches?
How much of your information is shared with other clients?
How many clients are in the database?
What is the agency’s rating with the Better Business Bureau?
Does the agency provide client references?