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Single Women in NYC – Sex and the City

Single Women in NYC – Sex and the City

By the NY Matchmaking Team

Known as the city that never sleeps, New York singles live in one of the most exciting and active metropolitan areas in the world. Concerts, restaurants, nightclubs, art galleries and museums are just a few of the attractions offered daily in a city that never stops moving.

Simply walking out your doorstep, you are greeted daily by a sea of strangers, all rushing to their next destination. It seems one is never alone when living in this fast-paced and highly populated city. It is easy to imagine that finding love in the Big Apple should be as simple as a walk in Central Park. So why is it that so many New York single women are still struggling to find their perfect match?

One of the answers may be the fast-paced culture mentioned above. New Yorkers are always on the go. Unlike other cities that foster a more relaxed mentality, New York City residents are encouraged to sustain an unrelenting desire for productivity. One does not have time to stop and smell the roses if they expect to flourish in a global hub of international business and commerce. Clearly, this perpetual motion doesn’t lend itself to dating in NY and meeting an attractive new stranger.

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Not surprisingly, many residents find themselves staying within their own social and professional circles. Occasionally, you may find yourself on a blind date, courtesy of a Cupid playing friend, but it’s not always an easy task to find a partner amongst people you have either already dated or known for years. And in today’s world, many wise New York single women with busy career prefer to avoid the pitfalls of dating a colleague.

Should you venture outside your social circle in hopes of seeking a new relationship, you may find that distance plays a larger role than anticipated in narrowing the NY dating pool. Although smaller in square miles when compared to other metropolises, New York single women and men may prefer to date within their own boroughs. Have you ever tried to get across town for a date during rush hour? Forget about trying to see him if it’s raining…you are more likely to share an umbrella with Tom Brady than catch a cab.

So, what is a single woman or man in NY to do? With all of these obstacles, how is she supposed to find her perfect match? Searching for high-end Manhattan dating services is a great option. Meet with a Manhattan matchmaker and see who they have that might be a match for you.

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The solution, true to the spirit of New York, is to be proactive. Get out there! Meet fabulous New York single women and men no matter how you do it! Make your love life a priority. As much as we all dream of stumbling into a perfect romance, our city requires that we consciously choose to find the mate we have been daydreaming about. Your match is out there and a high-end New York dating service can help dating in NY be much more fun and help you find them. The NY matchmaking team can introduce you to quality singles that you’d have never met on your own.

Murphy International is one of the top Manhattan dating services. Their New York matchmaking team works with men and women who are seeking the same happy ending. Despite the requirements of succeeding in this fast-paced environment, they are ready to stop and smell the roses with the right woman. Our clientele is comprised of men and women who value a life shared with another commitment-minded single.

New York is such a wonderful and vibrant city to share with your perfect match, and our NY matchmakers are here to help make that dream a reality. Contact us to schedule an appointment to meet our Manhattan matchmaker today.