We understand the unique needs of each clients.

Los Angeles, Newport, New York are all incredible, multicultural cities, offering a wide variety of food, music, art, language and traditions at your fingertips. Known as one of the cultural epicenters of the United States, Los Angeles and New York are anything but homogenous. Consequently, residents vary in their spiritual and/ or religious beliefs and practices. At Murphy International, we are proud to reflect the diversity of our amazing city. We understand how important personal faith is for many of our clients. We work with singles of varying religious backgrounds, both in degree of practice and denomination. Murphy International matchmakers understand your needs when looking for a partner, and we are here to facilitate the meeting between you and your perfect match.

Religion is a highly personal part of one’s life. When choosing a mate, we understand how vital it is to find someone who shares your beliefs. Particularly, singles find that religious compatibility is crucial when seeking someone with whom they would like to start a family. At our private dating service our Christian and Jewish matchmakers recognize the significance of such issues for all single women and men. They hold this in the highest regard when making introductions.

Murphy International takes a personal approach to matchmaking in Los Angeles or any city our clients live. We believe that only through getting to know each client individually and by examining all aspects of their background, beliefs and personalities are we able to help them find their match. We look at all of the interconnecting aspects of a person, considering religion in conjunction with the many facets of each individual. One of the premier matchmaking agencies in the world, Murphy International stands apart from many dating agencies who suffer from connecting singles solely based upon general commonalities.

We encourage all potential clients to discuss their personal beliefs and religious preferences, in addition to other relationship needs, when meeting a Murphy International matchmaker for an initial consultation. The more that we are given the opportunity to know you, the better equipped we are at finding the right match for you. Rest assured, we value the privacy of all our clients and take every measure to ensure that all information shared remains strictly confidential.

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As a Murphy International client, you will never have to worry that any of your information will be visible online or shared with a third party. If religion is an issue we will help you to meet spiritual, Jewish or Christian singles in Los Angeles or any city that you live or work.

Rated one of the top matchmaking agencies in the world. We have with an A+ and in business for over 29 years, Murphy International has built a great reputation due to excellent customer service and a high rate of successful matches. Sherri Murphy, CEO and founder, has built a staff with a passionate, dedicated and professional matchmaking team. They are sensitive to the individual needs of each client. They have worked with singles of varying ages, backgrounds and religions, and make only the most thoughtful matches based on a deep understanding of the many components of forming a lifelong partnership.

For more information, to discuss any questions or concerns you may have or to schedule an appointment to meet with a Jewish matchmaker or Christian matchmaker, please do not hesitate to call us at 888.351.3686 or email info@murphymatchmaking.com.

We offer many locations for your convenience: Beverly Hills, Irvine, Westlake Village, Palos Verdes Est., Santa Barbara, New York and Miami. We look forward to meeting you!