Dating Advice from Elite Matchmakers

We all know that dating, no matter where you live, can become frustrating. Sherri Murphy, the CEO of Murphy International, and co-author of “Matters of the Heart”, a relationship and love dating column that ran for over 10 years in a South Bay Paper with matchmaker Keri Roberts, has been giving dating advice to singles for over nineteen years. She has worked with fabulous singles from ages 20-80, and has attended client weddings from Scotland to Dana Point.


Nothing brings Sherri more joy than to know that her matchmaking work has helped spread love and joy around the world. “I have observed that there are a number of extremely eligible, single men and women all over who are ready for a loving relationship. They want to share their lives but they can’t find the right partner,” says Sherri. “This is where we step in and show how we can help singles find love and form healthy relationships. My experienced matchmaking team are the best matchmakers in the business.”


Additionally, our clientele is comprised of singles who are ready to make a commitment. They are seeking a real connection with another commitment-minded single man or woman. Our exclusive clientele values their time and works closely with us because they are serious about finding a partner. They sign up with us because they are looking to hire the best matchmakers possible.


After 22 years of speaking with thousands of singles, Sherri and her team of matchmakers have their finger on the pulse of what single men and women are looking for in a date, relationship and love. Contact Murphy International to speak with a matchmaker who can provide unparalleled dating expertise.