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Looking for Love

Looking for Love

If you are looking for someone to spend your life with, it is important to look at the whole person. Be wary of making harsh judgments based on inconsequential differences. On the other hand, it is equally as important not to ignore red flags that could lead to trouble in the future. While it is important to watch out for the red flags, it is also important to look at the good qualities in a potential partner.

A few good qualities to look out for include how they treat their friends and family. If someone treats their family and friends with respect and love, that is a great sign that someone is a quality person. Another good quality that our professional matchmakers find important for all of our elite singles to look out for is how they handle conflict. When conflict arises do they ignore it or do they find ways to figure out the problem and fix the situation. If they do their best to fix conflict, then that is a quality person who is worth dating.

Another trait to look out for when dating is seeing if their actions align with their words. If a person does what they say they are going to do, that is a sign of a quality person. Our professional matchmakers make it our mission to vet and get to know all elite singles that come to us so that way you know you are meeting some of the best people out there.

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For example, it is not uncommon for one to ignore possible shortcomings in a potential partner if they find that person to be remarkably attractive. Things like being rude or having a bad attitude are never acceptable, no matter how beautiful someone may be. “Being rude to people, including the cocktail waitress, is a warning that they are simply not a pleasant human being,” say mother-daughter matchmakers and co-owners of Murphy International, Sherri Murphy and Tammi Pickle. Together, they have been helping singles find their way for over thirteen years. Tammi chose Sherri’s husband Bill when Sherri joined with a Los Angeles matchmaker twenty years ago.

The mother-daughter matchmakers also say that single women and men agonize too much about dates not having enough shared interests. Research reveals that people with too much in common do not pair up well and manage to burn out of a relationship faster. It’s fascinating to be with somebody who enjoys different things than you do. This presents an opportunity to learn from one another. As Sherri and Tammi say, “…of course you need a few things that you both enjoy doing, but don’t miss out on meeting a fabulous person simply because they play a sport you don’t or they are more educated than you.” Our professional matchmakers find it important to keep an open mind when it comes to dating.

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The Murphy International matchmaking team has been offering single women and men guidance for twenty years. They know that locating someone with whom to share your life, even in a big city, can be very difficult. But, by repeating the same mistakes, you are only guaranteeing a bigger challenge when looking for your life partner.

There are a few significant changes you can make in your dating life to help you move towards finding “the one”.

1. Look at people for who they are, not who you hope they will someday be. Our professional matchmakers find it crucial to always pay attention to red flags. If you feel you cannot accept their behavior on a day-to-day basis, then move on. If someone is constantly negative, rude, and disrespectful then that is not a person who you want to be around. Follow your gut and if something seems off to you then it probably is.

2. Don’t start a new relationship hastily. These tend to burn out as quickly as they begin. Rushing into a relationship can lead to forced relationships which is something that nobody wants. Our professional matchmakers find it important for all elite singles to take the time to get to know their potential partners. Getting to know new people is fun and is a great way to learn about other perspectives. Our professional matchmakers find it important for all elite singles to be patient when it comes to finding love and to always remember that taking things slowly will lead to meaningful connections. Don’t feel like you have to rush into a relationship. The best relationships happen slowly and at their own pace.

3. Look at the person’s inner self, not just the way they look on the outside. If someone seems like a friendly and nice person, then it would be a good idea to get to know them, even if they are not your type or dream date. A person with a good heart looks better every day, while a nasty person gets hard to be around quickly. Everyone deserves to be treated with love and respect. As the old saying goes, treat people the way that you want to be treated. Our professional matchmakers find it important for all elite singles to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect person, and you are not one either. Everyone has their bad days and it is essential to remember that when in a relationship.

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4. It’s ok if you don’t have a lot in common; opposites really do attract and can make amazing couples. It is important to take the time to learn about each other’s hobbies and interests. If your date is telling you about their interests and you aren’t familiar with their interests then it is important to ask questions and learn about what they are interested in. Everyone loves a person who is invested in the conversation. One nice thing about having different interests is that you can learn from each other.

If you like soccer and your partner doesn’t then it would be fun to teach them how to play. When finding your special someone always remember that it is perfectly normal to have different interests. Our professional matchmakers are trained to assist all elite singles in finding their special someone. For more information contact Sherri Murphy and Tammi Pickle, the mother-daughter matchmakers. They can put you in touch with their Los Angeles matchmaker or one of their team in your area.

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