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Increase Your Luck in Love

Increase Your Luck in Love

6 simple style and dating tips to increase your luck in love

First Impressions: How to attract more dates by being the BEST YOU.

By Rayne Hagstrom

Rayne is a Professional matchmaker and stylist for Murphy International

When you’re one of the single women or men ready to mingle, it’s extremely important to be and dress like the person you want to attract. If you want someone who is sexy, confident and in shape, then take the necessary steps as well. Put yourself together, join a gym and invest in YOU.

Being a personal stylist and successful matchmaking expert, I use my fiancé as a prime example of how your wardrobe can repel potential partners. My fiancé, whom I love and adore, courted me for six years before he had the courage to ask me out. First, he was my poker buddy, then my client and now my life partner!

It took him hiring me to update his image before I saw how handsome and attractive he really was. Shamefully, I never saw him as a potential mate because of how he dressed. He was always in baseball hats, old golf shirts, shorts, and flip-flops. I subconsciously put him in the friend category. Today, he looks so much younger, more attractive, and more stylish. I always joke, “If you’d have shaved the comb-over and worn nice jeans and a button-up, you could have gotten me years ago”.

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Here are 6 Simple Style and Dating Tips to Increase Your Luck in Love:

  1. Find out the details: Single women wearing inappropriate attire on a date can make you or your date uncomfortable. For example, my girlfriend showed up to a lunch date in a beautiful dress and heels. She assumed the man would pick an upscale place, yet it was a casual coffee shop. Feeling ill at ease by the patron’s stares at her attire, she ended the date early. She just wanted to go home. Their connection never had a chance. Unfortunately, as matchmakers we know very well, there was no second meeting. All singles women would’ve been much more relaxed and comfortable if she would have been in her favorite jeans and flirty top. This early departure could’ve been avoided if she would have done her research, or if her date would have given her some tips on the atmosphere. For the ladies, find out if you will be sitting or standing to make sure you wear the right shoes. Google the location. What’s the vibe? Guys, informing your date will ease her worries about what to wear, and you won’t find yourself having to make a plan B because of her fashion choice. Even worse, you won’t have to end the date early because she is too cold or her feet hurt from having to trek in heels.
  2. Update your wardrobe. You only get three seconds to make an impression. Why not make your entrance in style! Keep your look FRESH and CURRENT by going shopping at least twice a year. Ladies, a colorful dress that complements your skin, hair, eyes and body shape is a great way to make your date’s heart skip a beat. Men, a soft cashmere sweater and slacks (no pleats) or dark denim jeans are recommended. Singles women love the velvety feel of cashmere!
  3. Wear flirty colors that complement you. You don’t have to be perfect, just prepared. Always be ready for an opportunity to attract the opposite sex: the gym, shopping, grocery store, etc. You don’t want to be caught in an oversized baggy t-shirt and dirty tennis shoes when you see the person of your dreams. It’s not about perfection, it’s about the initial attraction and chemistry. There are “fashionable” options for all occasions…walk out your door with the confidence that comes with knowing you look your very best.
  4. Take care of your teeth. Okay, I fibbed…this tip isn’t simple for everyone. If you have let a few years or more go by without a cleaning, whitening or check-up this may take more time. I confess I have slacked in my dental care. Scraping and flashbacks of getting shots in my mouth as a child made me cringe. Thankfully, I recently scheduled an appointment and it wasn’t bad! A study in the Daily UK confirmed that attractive teeth are a sign of health and good genetics that help people select a mate. Get to a dentist to get a healthy mouth. It’s worth it!
  5. Tone down the cologne. Yes, we all love the sweet scent of our favorite aroma. However, it doesn’t mean we need to bathe in it. Many single women and men react differently. Your date can be allergic or have a sensitive nose. One time I had a man ask me to go wash my neck because he was getting a headache from my perfume. How embarrassing! For a subtle application, spray the fragrance into the air then step into and let it fall onto your skin.
  6. Don’t let your fashion overpower you. Refrain from any clothing item that steals the show…like your favorite Star Wars t-shirt, head-to-toe leopard, a way too skimpy dress or a basketball jersey. These all take away from you. Your style shouldn’t distract but enhance.

When you make fashionably educated choices, you will be stylin’ in comfort and confidence! Keep these fashion tips in mind from the matchmakers and on your next date and you’ll be putting your best foot forward just in case this is the ONE! If fashion doesn’t come easy to you, no worries, we can’t be great at everything. Invest in yourself by hiring an expert in the skill you lack like a personal trainer, image consultant and professional matchmaker. Our successful matchmaking team and our expert staff are all here to help you attract that special someone.

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