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Dating to Find the One

Dating to Find the One

Sherri Murphy Professional Matchmaker CEO and Founder of  Murphy Matchmaking Agency

If you are in your 30’s and working on a career or getting your masters, dating is much different than when you are in your 40’s. In your 20’s and 30’s you meet people at school, parties, through friends or at work. As time goes along it seems all the great ones are taken. Every age group has different dating problems and some are harder than others. These days everyone is trying the internet and it does work for some people. The majority find it time consuming and a waste of time. That’s where we come into the picture. As a professional matchmaker I make sure we screen everyone for our clients and save them a ton of time.

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If dating online and you are have good luck and meet someone you have a connection with, you’ll find that it’s hard to get anyone to commit. With online dating it’s made it so that everyone feels they have so many options. “The grass is always greener” seems to be the mantra these days. Men are go from one relationship to another in record speed. This is fueled by desperate women that jump into things way too quickly.

After a time many people will get frustrated with all the online madness and that’s usually when they contact us. Or they come to us because they can’t date online due to privacy issues. They may own a successful business, or are in the public eye. Once you do find someone you enjoy spending time with comes the more difficult task of making time for them. It’s a fast paced sociality and everyone works, has friends, families and hobbies to fill up their free time. This equals not spending enough time with someone you care about and that puts added stress on the relationship.

So my professional matchmaking advice is that when you’ve met someone you like you have to make time for them. Make them feel needed and a priority. That’s the main reason most people want to be in a relationship.

Best of luck dating and if you get serious call our Murphy professional matchmaking team. Contact us at 888.351.3686