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Single Life and Dating in Los Angeles

Single Life and Dating in Los Angeles

Los Angeles – the famed City of Angels – is known all over the world for its unique vibe. This is one of the biggest metropolises in the U.S. In fact, it is one of the biggest metropolitan areas on the entire planet! It is safe to say, this amazing city is amongst the most exciting and spirited. From the Hollywood Hills to the everyday streets, so many dreams of visiting Los Angeles, or even moving here in hopes of finding their happy ending. Known for its glamour, Los Angeles is often associated with beautiful people and an abundance of successful men and women.

You may suppose that dating opportunities are a dime a dozen in such a large and glamorous city. Surprisingly, finding love may be harder than one thinks. As anyone who lives here knows, distance and traffic can be an obstacle when pursuing a new love. Many residents dread leaving their particular areas. It’s not uncommon to hear comments such as, “I don’t go east of the 405.” The size of Los Angeles, coupled with its’ dense population and subsequent traffic, can actually be the “death of intimacy”. A great number of relationships, serious or casual, have suffered due to geographical logistics.

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Dating someone on the other side of town can be a relationship killer. If you have a car, and you have been brave enough to make dinner plans with your date across town, you can anticipate sitting in traffic for an hour or more. If you are not the lucky owner of an automobile, that’s even worse… Unlike most big cities, LA single women and men rely primarily on city buses as a means of public transportation. Passengers have the same traffic to look forward to, but are now experiencing that frustration in a crowded bus, alongside many other restless commuters. Driving two hours to meet someone that looks nothing like their photo is something our clients do not have time for. They’ve decided it’s well worth the time to look into a few of the high-end LA dating services and see how they do their matching.

As the song says, nobody walks in LA. Unfortunately, this decreases your chance of meeting an attractive stranger by happenstance. Due to the size and landscape of Los Angeles, many LA single men and women spend much of their precious time locked inside of their vehicles. Now add all of this to one’s busy schedule, and you have an even more desolate picture of the dating situation in Los Angeles.

The first thing that you may think of is, “well, let’s gather some friends and go to a bar to meet some people! That might work!Successful single men and women are reaching out for help more than ever with the most important issue of their lives and are joining professional LA dating services more than ever. Imagine retelling the story of how you met: “I picked her up at a bar when she was drunk, and I was pretty hammered, too. I was hitting on her friend, but she wouldn’t have it, so your mom was my back up.” Does it sound good? We didn’t think so.

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The question still remains: How do you build a genuine relationship in Los Angeles? Luckily, there is a Los Angeles matchmaking service with experts capable of helping you meet the right partner.

Both single men and women are facing the very same issues. Don’t worry! You can still find the right match for you.
There is a saying that circulates within Los Angeles: “The best searcher is the one who allows the discovery to find him.” This may sound strange at first, but if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. The more an individual is open to new experiences with subsequent increased exposure to differing points of view, the better his or her general outlook will be. Same goes with the world of dating: many single men and women channel all of their attention and energy into places and ways that are wrong for them. So many hopeless LA single women and men go to night clubs looking for love, but come home alone and empty handed. In order to find the one, you need to look where they are also looking for you! A matchmaker is a great place to start. Our Los Angeles Matchmaking team are working with other singles who are looking for the same happy ending.

And while online dating may sound like an easy and fresh alternative, it commonly ends up feeling a lot like the bar scene. Similar to meeting someone in a poorly lit bar, coupled with a perception clouded by too many drinks, it is almost impossible to gauge who someone really is based solely on their profile.

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Dating profiles are commonly exaggerated, if not full of blatant untruths. Even when done with complete honesty, these profiles are highly impersonal and incapable of conveying what truly matters when looking for a mate. No matter how many photographs you include, or how much information you are willing to share about yourself, a short online bio with a picture and limited written information is simply not you! You are a full person, complete with nuances and complexities. You have your perks and your defects, just like everyone else. This is what makes you special, for better or for worse. This very special, “imperfect” nature is what will eventually be the real “matchmaker” between you and a partner. One who will not only appreciate your more positive traits but will also be able to cope with your less-than-positive ones. This is true love.

Luckily, a high-end Los Angeles dating service like Murphy International is a company that specializes in helping singles find love off-line, making “real world” connections. This means that you will be introduced to real, authentic people seeking genuine partnerships. You will have the opportunity to get out there and meet new people based on the recommendation of an expert who has formed a relationship with both parties. Instead of putting your trust in a profile on a screen, a Murphy Los Angeles matchmaker introduces you to people who you know are compatible and share the same goals. Akin to having a good friend, a matchmaker knows who you are and what you value. Yet, unlike just a good friend, a Murphy Los Angeles matchmaker is always working to ensure that you find the partner you have been looking for!

Murphy International is a VIP LA Dating Service that’s been in business for over 19 years with an A+ rating.

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